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In today’s market, qualifying for a mortgage can be challenging.

With rule changes and complex lending guidelines,

it can be a daunting task to get the right mortgage on your own.

Whether purchasing or refinancing, our team of mortgage advisors work with clients to identify their goals,

and find the mortgage solution that best fits them.

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Diamond Mortgage Solutions would love to work with you.

When dealing with the Diamond Mortgages' team you will receive a wealth of knowledge from the combined experience of our dedicated Mortgage Brokers. They are here to answer your questions, contact lenders on your behalf and ensure that you get the mortgage you want for any property in British Columbia.

If you are a first time home buyer, a dedicated investor or some one that is just looking to consolidate debts and restructure their finances we will endeavour to get the best solution for your situation.

Simply put, we can help with anything and everything that doesn’t fit conventional guidelines. 


Whether you're a first time home buyer or just need mortgage advice, let us be your guide.

You can rely on our extensive experience in the mortgage industry to produce stable and strong returns through our prudent underwriting and diversified industry background.

We are proud to bring our experience and success to YOU.

Contact us Here. 

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We are very happy to have contacted Shari Letsos. With her fast response and communication we were able to make our dream house a reality. She is honest, reliable and a lot of fun to work with. Thank you for your time, can't wait to do business again!


Ashley Lavallee

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